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Nightvision are a Lincolnshire based band playing their own exciting brand oforiginal 'Hard Rock' that is grabbing the attention of an ever widening audiencewith live performances that have had even the most cynical of live music fansshowing their appreciation for genuinely original music.


There are no standard or tired 'Rock Band' clichés attached to Nightvision ortheir fusion of Metal and Rock sounds that is difficult to label with a specificgenre description. Watching and listening to Nightvision is to appreciate thatthey have embraced many and varied influences from the past and blended them with the ideas and energy of the present to produce a contemporary high energy guitarbased Rock sound and performance.


The band, like their music has continued to evolve and develop with lead vocalistDave McKee recently joining Neil (Bolda) Wallis on guitar, Daryl (Daz) Hockingon drums and Dean Hocking on bass guitar. Dave is also supported by the other bandmembers on vocals and the mix of musical and creative ability, influences, personalities and a desire to explore and develop new ideas will continue to drive them forwards.


The main aim is, and always will be, no matter where the future takes them, to have a lot of fun and this is shown both in the music and the performance.





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